Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Bob, I am sure you have heard about this. My cousin is friends with the family of this girl. It is such a terrible story, and to make matters more horrible, I was told that the girl's sibling was also killed in a car accident two years ago.

The guy that hit her was going 110 miles per hour! She was on the far outside lane, where her parents had told her she would be safest if someone crossed the yellow line. The driver survived.

This road is SO VERY dangerous as it is, so why would someone drive so fast on it? I don't travel the road a lot (yet) so I am not sure how much the police patrol it, but it seems to me that if they had a huge presence on that road, people would be more conscious of how fast they are going. I have already told my family how dangerous this road is and to be cautious when they visit us in the future. I would hate to think that "budget" and trying to preserve a small part of the environment would take such precedence over human lives.

Student killed in crash on Highway 71

04:28 PM CST on Monday, March 3, 2008

KVUE News, A Lake Travis High School student was killed over the weekend in the ninth deadly accident on a dangerous stretch of Highway 71 just west of Bee Creek, Texas Department of Public Safety officials said., Lake Travis High School, Michelle Kaughs, The accident happened Sunday night around 10 o'clock., One person was killed in a one vehicle accident., Lake Travis ISD identified the victim in a letter sent to parents Monday as Michelle Kaughs, a Lake Travis High School junior. The district said she was heading home from work., “I know that the care and strength of our school and community will help sustain us during this difficult time of grief and healing, ” LTHS Principal Charlie Little said in a news release. “We ask that you please keep the Kauhs family in your thoughts and prayers.”, Counselors were available to talk to students and staff., Eight people have died on that stretch of road since 2006.

Cathi Rustmann

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Jenny Rookey said...

Just for the record, her name is Michelle Kauhs. Not Kaughs. Thank you. -Loving friend, Jenny Rookey.