Thursday, May 03, 2007


Last night hit like the script of an old Batman comic book. We counted 160 exclamation marks! If you slept through that, then consider buying yourself a plot and marble slab with your name on it.

Two of the lightning hits (at least) we so close there was no gap between flash and bang. I think one hit the old water tower on the east ridge beyond the Preserve.

Our dog, Jessie, normally disallowed in the bedroom, was granted special permission as she really gets worked up in thunder storms. All of a sudden she was on the bed, trying to be inconspicuous. It didn't work.

Some of that lightning was so intense...

... our lawnmower started by itself.
... David Letterman lost a letter.
... the garbage disposal shot chicken bones through the ceiling.

your liners are welcome.

We may have lost a shrub.

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