Monday, May 07, 2007


They are just starting to put up the concrete retaining boards.

This from Paul Streeter:


Just broken ground on a new home on Paraiso Parkway which has been designed by renowned contemporary architect "Dick Clark" and may break the mold a little bit of what is being built in here. I have attached a drawing and thought it may be of interest to other residents. I think half will love it and the other will hate it.




Anonymous said...

Is this a spec home---or a custom built? Has it been approved with the Board? We had problems with getting a tree planted because it didn't fit the look so I'm pretty surprised. Can you guess which half we are?

Amanda Tennant said...

Is this a spec home or a custom built? Has this already been approved by the Board? Just curious--becuase we had troubles trying to get a particular tree planted because it didn't fit the look of the neighborhood.

Bob Wood said...

Spec, I believe. Approved too.

Jan Sotelo said...

I like it! I hope more designs like this come into spanish oaks!

What color will the stucco/stone be on the exterior?