Monday, May 07, 2007


This is the second attempt at this post. I hit the wrong button and blew out 20 minutes of writing. I'll try again, but my enthusiasm is waning. I'm on the computer at the car shop while they uncover more $400 things to fix on my car. I hope to return home today. (The best car on the showroom is sold, and at $101,000, I'm happy for the new owner. It's not even the top of the line - only a V10. The guy just wimped out when it came to the V12!) If you care, the redesigned TT is awesome. The old TT looks like a VW in comparison.

The back road IS open. The Road Closed signs exist to remind you that workers are in the area. And today - my first try to avoid the Hill Creep up 71 to 620 - by taking the back road, I noted perhaps 2 dozen workers installing irrigation, jogging paths, landscaping, whatever.

Surprisingly (though better than the Westbound hill creep) traffic from 71 to 620 was deeper than the turn lane, and the signal at 620 seems to only allow 5 or 6 cars through at a time. So it took maybe 5 or 6 cycles. This was at about 9:15AM. Probably worse earlier. That light needs to be retimed.

I want to invite anyone who knows their stuff to come up to The Wood Compound. Please let me show you two mystery weeds, armies of which have invaded our property again. Despite my best holistic and chemical efforts, they thrive. After spraying, stomping, pulling, cutting, I am ready to try a propane torch or exorcism. "KILLS 200 WEEDS" didn't work. ROUNDUP wiped out circles beyond the dribble I aimed at each darn weed. Hello, orange patch. Maybe if I know what they are I can use a more targeted approach.

The best advice I've heard is to make the grass grow more vigorously and that will crowd out the weeds. So after days of spreading steaming compost, I have healthier weeds.

We prefer the natural look, but NOT natural enough to include these intrusive visitors from plant hell. HEY, science, grab some of this tenacious DNA and splice it into Buffalograss, will ya?

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