Saturday, May 20, 2006


This is on one of the lots that's technically NOT Spanish Oaks but is landlocked by Spanish Oaks. It's the land beside the huge 'chateau' on the backside of Musket Rim.

The thing sits on a concrete base, so it appears permanent. Must be 25 feet high.

What do you think it is? Compounding the mystery, the concrete pad adjacent has several areas which are baffling... not a pool, maybe a sport court, not a house pad, apparently.

This THING is almost as high as the roof of the structure/house being rebuilt beside it.

A missle silo?

A bad statue?

A mothership?

A homing beacon?

Water (runoff) mitigation tank? (But you'd have to pump in at the top, wouldn't you?)

Miniature golf hazard?

Echo chamber?

Lawn art?

Hard to tell. Certainly not supported by our drc (and wouldn't have to be), unless they're orbiting another planet.

Some suggestions rolled in:
In Kentucky it's a still.
In Germany a wort chiller.
In Iowa an ethanol plant.
In Pennsylvania a cooling tank for a solar reactor.
In Texas a storage tank for BioWillie diesel. Gotta fill up them Hummers.
In France a wine fermenter.
In Travis County water storage for their AG tax exemption goats.
In Spanish Oaks a Subwoofer to challenge the best audiophiles within
shouting distance.

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