Thursday, May 04, 2006


If you have ever come down the hill from the east in the dark, you have probably had those few nervous moments while you look for the turn. It's under the flashing yellow light - but exactly where?

Well, hopefully a fix is in the works as over the next few weeks Discovery Land will extend the tree/landscaping lighting closer to 71 to make the turn more obvious.


Donald Abrams, your HOA owner-rep, and I, have been touring the neighborhood on Wednesday evenings to meet and greet neighbors and tell them about our private weekly E mails of info and other items not ready for blogging. It was been wonderful to meet many of you and we can't help notice the surprise of 'there's somebody at the door!' which must be an artifact of living in a gated community where visitors are announced and anticipated.

If you have a concern, by all means contact Donald and he will replay your feelings to the most appropriate party. His data is on the right margin of the blog.


When I can make it happen, I hope to begin running profiles of our guards along with their pictures so you'll know more of the man or woman behind the wave.


Please be sure you have authorized weekly E mail news by sending a request to Some of the material you'll receive will be published in the blog later, some won't, as it's simply not for general consumption. But be in the know - get on the list.

Speaking of lists, Pam Chandler should be E mailing directories to owners any minute now.

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