Sunday, May 07, 2006


That was some gully washer last night!

Wind was swirling around our house so hard it really did look like a wind devil full of rain! I'll bet we couldn't see 50 feet!

Thankfully, no serious damages we could spot this morning. Glad the hail was small. Large hail is trouble!

We did hear from a neighbor about a fire truck that came up S.O. Blvd with siren on at about 7:30PM, only to sit at the gate for 20 minutes. Anybody know about that?

A quick drive around the neighborhood shows minor damage to many properties... old trees down or branches off (especially dead trees), newly planted trees blown over, some construction fences down, and traces of an amazing amount of water which must have flowed through the gullies, much much wider than the pipes that feed them.

I'll bet a ton of mulch is missing now.

Landscapers will be pleased. More work!

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