Thursday, May 18, 2006


Or generic. An 'unmarked' east entrance. Days ago we had a "SPANISH OAKS" where you now see a blank. Once again, no prior notice, not with our weekly HOA E mails and efforts to inform better. What's next? Maybe this will appear on the wall somehow.

Who knows?


Anonymous said...

Will someone please tell us what the name of the community is? All of the new brochures say, "Spanish Oaks Golf Club" but someone on this blog said the name was still "Spanish Oaks at Bee Cave". It seems trivial but wouldn't you kind of like to know the actual name of the neighborhood you live in?

Bob Wood said...

Apparently in secret session the board of directors has decided we should have no name (as seen/not seen on our new entrance stonework.) It saves a lot on logos, stationery, etc. And it's much more exclusive. Also, they can now market to the witness protection program.

Anonymous said...

The name of the development is "Spanish Oaks Golf Club."