Friday, April 28, 2006


I have enjoyed reading the blog you manage on Spanish Oaks. My husband John and I, along with our three children, will be moving to the house on Spanish Oaks Club Blvd) in August. We close on the property in mid-June, but we spend all of our summers at our lake house in Michigan. We currently live in a very urban suburb of Chicago. While it is very urban, it actually is a small village where everyone sends their children to the public school, all shop at the same stores, go to the same churches, etc. There is always someone out walking their dog, pushing a stroller or on a bike. One of the things that attracted us to Spanish Oaks was the sense of community we kept reading about. From the sounds of things, it sounds like it will be a good decision for us. Other than an address, we don't have anything to add to a neighborhood directory yet, but if possible, I would like to be kept updated on area developments, especially if you decide to post things off the blog that may not be available to the general public. In the meantime, I look forward to reading the postings, although the snake/coyote postings have me a little freaked.

We look forward to meeting you when we eventually make our way down there in August.

Valorie Doyle


jimlaydc said...

Speaking of snakes, I Killed a copperhead Sunday on the golf course. It way about 3 feet long. They found a baby rattler there on Monday AM. It is really bad this year. Jim Lay

Lori Bailes said...

Hi Valorie,
Is that the beautiful house right inside the gate?
How old are your kids?
We look forward to ya'll joining our neighborhood:)
Lori Bailes

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that "Spanish Oaks" does not have a "loan officer" as indicated on the front page of this blog. Spanish Oaks does not provide lending to prospects of any kind. Is Ms. Wood an employee of Discovery Land Company? Please clarify. Thank You.

Bob Wood said...

No, Terri is not a Discovery Land Company employee. I will change her address somewhat to clear that confusion. However, as a homeowner in Spanish Oaks and someone very familiar with jumbo loans, she can be a valuable resource for anyone who chooses to do business with her.