Thursday, April 27, 2006


Donald Abrams and I made some rounds of the residents last night till dark, to fill them in on the home owner's association board and Donald's representation as one of us. We have many more homes to go.

I am heading the information committee (big surprise, huh?) and as such we will attempt to engage residents to a much greater extent than communication has existed till now. As I wrote before, this info will be much more private than what's here on the Blog, which will remain more a general mix of lighter fare (since the public can see it.) Better communication will help bring us together and ease what may have been certain concerns or tensions.

Donald's goal is to bring much more sense of community into our neighborhood, and from what I've seen, he's perfect for the job!

Note his new E mail:

We hope to increase socialization among residents and help grow this beautiful area into an equally impressive neighborhood of friends. Some of the distances between occupied lots tends to preclude that without a catalyst. Donald is that catalyst.

And since he didn't like the picture I took of him and posted below, I will change it. Have a look. Scroll down.

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