Monday, April 17, 2006


Hi Bob,

I happened upon a snake early this morning. Luckily it was dead and the dog and flashlight spotted it before I landed on it. It was on Musket Rim around Mondadebo Cove -- not sure on the correct spelling. I sent some pics via Shutterfly. It could possibly be a copperhead, or just an imposter. Maybe somebody could identify it so we can all be better educated.


The copperhead is a small hemotoxic reptile classed closely with the water moccasin. The Broad-Banded subspecies is found in western/central Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas living in both lowlands and hilly areas.

It is characterized by the rich "new penny" copper colors with wide alternating bands that extend completely around even the underside.

They exhibit a tenacious personality when approached and are extremely well camouflaged in nature so that they are usually quite close at hand when finally spotted by those in the field.

Thanks to Lori Bailes

Sure looks like a copperhead to me, but Malcolm Pigford is our blog snake expert --- Malcolm?

Confirmed copperhead. BEWARE!

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