Thursday, May 14, 2009


A reader writes:

I met the current USPS carrier today and was encouraged by what he had to say about service to our community.

You may have experienced repetitive misdelivered mail and delivery delays of up to three years. Yes, three years. Seems that misdelivered mail had remained in Spanish Oaks mail kiosk boxes after the respective homeowner had moved from the community.

Eddie, the new carrier, informed me that this route, formerly an auxiliary route, has become a permanent route, for which he has been assigned. This means that we should not experience further carrier turnover with inexperienced personnel.

I had to resort to writing the Postmaster General in Washington as well as the Regional Office in San Antonio since dealing with the Lakeway branch was not responsive to my numerous complaints. Perhaps the USPS does give serious attention to customer complaints, albeit slowly.

If you have the opportunity say hello to Eddie and thank him for his service. He does care.

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