Friday, March 20, 2009


I have been trying to get TruGreen to come by and discuss what I want done. After a few years of trying organics, then moving to over-the-counter chemicals, we are still loaded with weeds. I thought maybe going with professionals would help.

The line of the decade, uttered by the TruGreen rep on the phone, "We don't feel we have to earn your trust."

I found this
which is a series of serious complaints from all over the country. Maybe their customer base is so large that these are isolated instances, or not... there seems to be a thread running through it, which also is implicit in the arrogance of the rep with whom I spoke.

So please, let me ask you this - I've seen the truck locally - if you use TruGreen/Chemlawn, are you receiving good service and effective treatments? If not, or if otherwise, who would you recommend? E me at Thanks.

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Brad said...

Hi! I found your blog while googling tru green chem lawn complaints. I worked for them for 7 years. I can answer your question this way. It depends on who is doing your lawn. Because there are stock holders-they MUST produce dollars and to produce those dollars the applicators must do a certain dollar amount each day to hit their goal.Because of this, there is alot of overtime and the pay is awful-their pay sclae starts around $10.50 hr and then the overtime is somehow figured into your goal and how much over you produced which causes ALOT of turnover in the company. When i first started I had very little training, i worked 12 hours a day mon-sat. just to hit the "goal". I became frustrated but kept going. It took me 3 years before i was comfortable in my knowledge and my route that I could take the time to treat each lawn as it was my own. I am so glad to be out of there now. This is also the case with Scotts Lawn Service.
My suggestion to you would to find a smaller locally owned company who is not under pressure to make the money.