Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Received fromPam Chandler:

First, let me wish you all a wonderful Holiday season and the best for the New Year!

The Board and I toured the community last week, enjoying all of your festive lights. The choice of a winner was very difficult, because everyone really put forth quite an effort in their decorations.

By unanimous decision of the Board, Mark Calaway, of 11512 Musket Rim was awarded the prize for best decorations! At Mark's request, a donation of $150 has been made to the "Make A Wish Foundation" in his name. Honorable Mentions to the following neighbors:

Sarah & Mike Ciesla, 11908 Musket Rim
Brian & Kelli Hierholzer, 4733 Malaquita Branch
Jim & Kam Morris, 11632 Musket Rim

Thanks to everyone who participated, and let's count on a spectacular display again next year,


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