Monday, December 15, 2008

SWITCHED DIGITAL and TiVo and Time-Warner

If you have TiVo and Time Warner you might want to know that their new SWITCHED DIGITAL adaptors are available free. These will allow you to watch the 1600 series channels which somehow through this new adaptor share bandwidth - at least that's how I understand it. It's been frustrating to NOT be able to watch the HD versions of several of the channels we watch (and pay for). I will now go to try to make it work. If anything eventful happens, will report back. Fa la la la laaaaaaa.

OK - it almost works. But here are some qualifiers: you have to have a cable card equipped TV or TiVo - cablecards are ONE WAY devices (eliminating T-W pay per view, though you CAN get that through TiVo and Netflix or Amazon, by broadband connection, but I digress). I think you have to order one of these boxes from Time-Warner - they are free, but I believe they go to those who have formally requested them.

Judging from how many keystrokes the woman behind the counter had to input, there's a lot of info which goes on your permanent record, or she booked herself a flight to Bolivia.

I hooked it up - they only give you minimal instructions, but it's pretty easy provided you can crawl back where the wires live in your TV setup...

...but then I got the (dreaded?) blinking power indicator on the new box. It's supposed to be steady. I got several 'new' channels listed, heretofore unworkable, but not the ones I care most about. I hope that the box is 'initializing' and will try later.

Finally the blinking stopped, and the light went out. I turned it on AGAIN and it stayed on. However, a scan of the channels when I now receive compared to the TW list of channels I should get was out of sync.

A call to the service desk. Tommy, my helpful tech on the line, explored the problem. He couldn't figure it out. Friday a service call will attempt (place your bets) to resolve the problem. In a nutshell, I get channels I am not supposed to get and don't get channels I am supposed to get. Confusing? You bet. Beep beep!

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