Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I thought what follows may be a hoax, but darn if it doesn't look real. Maybe YOU know and can add a comment. I'll give you the story but omit the contact since that might infringe on someone's privacy, except know that it came from 78738. I am unfamiliar with the road name, but they sprout up so quickly in this fast-growing area. Terri thinks it's on the west side.

'Twas almost the night before Christmas...


We have a wreath on our front door that has fresh fruit in it. Last night this animal crawled up the door and ate the apples. Any idea what it is since we are new to Texas. It looks like a lemur?

It was not aggressive we watched it for about 5 minutes and when it was finished it just walked away. The tail was at least 24 inches and he used it like a monkey would. He was about 18 inches tall when he walked away. I guess it weighed about 20 pounds.

What do you think it is?

Merry Christmas"

I'd say lemur. I wonder if the zoo not very far away has taken a headcount lately? Maybe an escaped pet? What do YOU think? Post your comment!


Click here: Kinkajou -- National Geographic

"This is what was at our house last night. Apparently it has been around the club for about 3 days and the local zoo is trying to catch it. Call Sally Allen if you see it. 431-5130"


Anonymous said...

This is a pet or a zoo escapee. Looks like a lemur I would contact the zoo.

Michael Reilly said...

I think it's King Julien from Madagascar!