Monday, June 23, 2008


We took a ride yesterday through the back area of Spanish Oaks and found new roads we have never explored... not that there's anything there except maybe a view, but it is obvious that growth is upon us. I wonder what it'll be like when we are in the later stages of development? I expect there will be a lot more traffic and some super homes (I think we were the 14th residents in early 2005 so we have a little historical perspective anyway.)


The other evening I took another ride through the back country and was surprised by the assortment of wildlife - at dusk it'd be cool to take your tykes for a look-see if not past their bedtime. Bunches of what appeared to be either baby or midget deer, a fox, a skunk waddling down the road (thankfully, odor free.)


I can't get any info on the Propane issue. Somebody on vacation? Detail blackout?
Some sort of new deal pending? The meeting was supposed to have taken place several weeks back.

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