Tuesday, June 03, 2008


This issue is this: from time to time, Discovery 'conveys' common property to the HOA. The question which then arises is, what is the process by which that property is ACCEPTED and deemed in appropriate condition. (I.E.: will we have repair issues ahead?)

I could not get an answer from our HOA REP after weeks and weeks. Thus, this reply from Pam Chandler, for which I thank her:

Bob - Please forgive the delay in responding to this question. Most of the streets, and all of the park areas have not yet been conveyed. There are a few, and they were already in the name of the association when DLC took over. They are:

Malaquita Branch (Section 1)
Musket Rim (in sections II and IIB)
Spanish Oaks Club Blvd. in Section III (between Hacienda Ridge & Little Barton Lane)
Little Barton Lane (Section A)
Hacienda Ridge in Section III
Spanish Oaks Club Blvd. in Section V (between Little Barton Lane Hwy. 71)

Our process is:
1) the road contractor posts a performance bond
2) the work is completed, with periodic inspections and testing of the integrity of the road work
3) independent engineers re-test and visually inspect for failures
4) any failures are documented for repair by the contractor
5) once all repairs are made to the satisfaction of the developer and the HOA, attested to by the engineers, the streets are conveyed.

Paraiso Parkway, most of Musket Rim, most of Spanish Oaks Club Blvd., and none of the side streets in the earlier phases have been conveyed. Nor have any of the new section roadways (sections 7, 9 and 9) been conveyed.

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