Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Yesterday I sent out an important email with 2 attachments regarding Highway 71. My ISP bounced many attempts back because there were a few errors on the list I was given. It turns out that one error in a list would stop the whole list (which I find bizarre.) So several times I tried to delete the problems and resend. I fear some got the same message several times, while others not at all.

I sent these to the entire list of owners, not the weekly email opt-in list. If you are a Spanish Oaks owner, and have not received yesterday's email, please let me know at and I will follow-up.

Sorry for all the confusion. Also, if you change email addresses, please be sure to let Pam Chandler know!

One more thing: you have to re register for this next attempt at Bayou Bash Friday, for yourself and also your kids... even if you registered for #1 or #2. Michelle is your contact in the office.

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