Thursday, August 02, 2007


An informal survey on my drive through over the back road... I believe there is more new housing under construction on the west side than the east at this time. Workers are very busy along the 'boulevard' putting in landscape, digging irrigation trenches, stonework, etc.

There are several new cul-de-sacs in various stages of roadwork.

I write this one for the out-of-towners who can't be here now or yet.

Some churn on lower Musket Rim as I count 6 homes for sale... only 1 is a new build.

BTW: In the comment to this post is neighbor Jim Lay's new website. If you have a website and live in or own a chunk of Spanish Oaks, if you'll send the url to me I'll start a list.

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Anonymous said...

Bob, We just got a new web site that we are so proud of. Can you share it with the blogger. Jim Lay