Friday, August 10, 2007


Here are some pictures from the Get Acquainted/new neighbor party. Although I took many more, these are the barely passable ones - the rest were blurry and with flash they shouldn't have been. All the pictures were somewhat blurred so something is wrong with me, the camera or more likely the settings I chose. One thing which IS clear: the camera is smarter than I am. I apologize and promise next time I'll have it figured out completely.

It was a fun evening and nice to meet new people who tend to get lost in the general meetings or social events when people who already know each other tend to hang with themselves. Thanks to Lynn Bickley for hostessing in her beautiful new home.

* I found out what was wrong with my photos... the auto-focus was turned off by Mister Finger who was paging through the menus too quickly. Mister Finger has been carefully instructed to never do that again.

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