Thursday, April 08, 2010


I am a resident over by the east gate. I went to get my mail this morning after being on a business trip for the past several days. The mail area trash was overflowing to the point where it was making a mess of the whole area.

Also, I have been noticing for almost two months now a burnt out lightbulb in the east mail room. I know that is a little thing, but little things often tell us about big things. I view the trash as a big thing. Prospective owners will never buy in here with these issues. Not one home owner in this development would treat their own property this way.

It is such a disappointing situation and it also seems unnecessary. We need to do something about this and somehow empower the owners. We all take pride in our neighborhood.

(Comment) ... we hear that Pam will remove the trash can. We wonder why it takes so long for her to notice and act. For that matter, why does our on-site home owner HOA rep also not cause action to be taken?

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Anonymous said...

This neighborhood is going downhill and clearly not attracting new residents fast. I wouldn't move here right now, hope it can be turned around. Thanks for blogging about it, keeping us in the know!