Friday, April 16, 2010

2009 ANNUAL MEETING... MID MAY 2010!!!

May 12th to be exact. That's just silly. These guys couldn't possibly report to the owners at the end of the year?

And since then, apparently, there's a financial crisis affecting the developer/s. Hey guys, you know that risk/reward equation? Man-up.

PLUS property owners appear to be having a 'dues revolt' according to a letter from the HOA rep. He adds: "The future of the development and the Club is not certain at this time." < OH REALLY? > "However, we must understand that the HOA is not a function of the Club, is not a function of the Developer" "and is a function of we who own property in Spanish Oaks. To that end we all must continue to abide by the principles we agreed to when we made the decision to live in this neighborhood."

I suppose you could argue that in pursuit of more sales, the 'principles' (earth tones, turf areas, natural looks) were altered to move more property. We certainly never agreed to them.

More: "The HOA is not a part of the Developer, is not a part of the Club, and is for the benefit of the owners of property in Spanish Oaks." But but, the HOA is completely managed by the developer. We have zero say in what they do. And they appear to do little.

We can't get a clean mail area without repeated complaints. (As if the HOA rep and manager don't notice.) A concrete curb on SO blvd has been broken for at least a year. A very large rock was moved out of place on the SO Blvd circle and the gouge resulting has been ignored for at least a very long time.

I could go on but if you live here you know inattention to detail just may be sparking some of the 'dues revolt' which is now over 6 figures of debt.


Anonymous said...

I can understand the frustrations when things, which are the HOA's responsibility, don't get fixed promptly or at all, but a dues revolt is one of the worst things that could happen. That's just adding fuel to the fire, making things much worse. The vast majority of HOA funding depends on member dues, so to keep things nice in the neighborhood, members need to pay up and realize they also play a huge part in maintaining the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Bob, you need a dose of reality. Sorry about your messy mail area, how about the mail area on the other side of the development. It's the old guard shack. You clearly believe in the squeaky wheel gets the grease principle and from your comments you really don't care about the development, only your little pet peeves. We just went through the worst recession this country has seen since the Depression and you are acting like it's still 1999! Wake up and quit complaining about your messy mail area and start worrying about the whole development, not just your little piece of it.

Try this logic out, the developer controls the HOA because they own the most lots. The only way to fix that is for more homes to sell to individual owners. Unfortunately prospective buyers read your petty complaints and they are scared away from buying in Spanish Oaks. If you want the home owners to get control of the HOA then either keep your comments to yourself or keep them out of the public eye. We need BUYERS, not COMPLAINERS.

Bob Wood said...

Man or woman up and post your name too. Shooting your opinion from behind cover is a lot less powerful.

I and apparently others (judging from the encouragement I receive) don't think my 'complaints' as you put them, are petty. They represent a systemic issue.

Anonymous said...

This guy negative blogs to keep his real estate taxes's obvious.

Retirement is a bitch Bob- Sorry you didn't have more money to retire.

Trying to take a community down for your own selfish problems is pretty lame.

This blog has never had any credibility anyway.

I live in the community and you have always been on my ignore list anyway.

Bob Wood said...

Anonymous... why are you afraid to post your name? And if you ignore this blog, then why comment on what you have been ignoring?