Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Rumors have been flying. Four separate sources over several days have come forward. HOA manager Pam Chandler either doesn't know or isn't allowed to speak. Yes, she works 'for the HOA' but that's controlled by the developer.

Here's what I believe is happening. For some reason as yet unknown, Discovery Land Company is apparently abandoning management of the Golf Club. Supposedly there's a members' meeting tomorrow at which they will attempt to put together a plan to operate it themselves.

You have to assume Discovery, if they really throw in the towel on golf, must admit their business plan, in this economy at this time, has failed.

The larger story may be how Discovery then continues selling this development as a Golf Club (which they have closed?) It's a bad mark, is poorly handled, and they certainly don't know how to handle rumor control.

And... what's next?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posting. This does not look good.