Tuesday, March 30, 2010


As Discovery is communication-challenged, we don't know the answers to the questions which revolve around the financial woes of the developer:

You might wish to expand on these topics and prepare now to attend the annual meeting (as of this writing, unscheduled) which is perhaps the most important one we've had in our short life as Spanish Oaks. The more people who speak up, stand up and make their feelings known, the more force it will have. This is no time to be passive-aggressive.

It is said that the annual (2009!) meeting is being held off until they get their financial house in better order.

1- Are funds co-mingled from the golf club to the general project?

2- Why is there only about $5000 in the reserve fund for the project? (Note east side road deterioration.)

3- What is being done about the sorry state of our common areas: weeds, erosion to the 'paths,' the broken curbing, the mail area trash? What is the state of our common area landscaping contract?

4- How does the east end mail area get so trashy AND NO ONE IN MANAGEMENT notices until upset owners complain? How can we insure more pro activity?

5- Is it time to seriously talk about eliminating staffing both gates - at least overnight - to reduce expenses? (Speed passes and push button codes would allow entry.)

6- What plan does Discovery have to revitalize the project?

For new owners note: When Daniel Porter passed control to Discovery, we noted a different view of the 'plan' for the community and what appeared to be a relaxed set of design rules. IF THAT HAPPENS AGAIN, we can expect another set of changes. Will this affect us and how?

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