Sunday, August 17, 2008


This just in... neighbor David Smith writes...
"Here are two foxes from several weeks ago. The game camera shot was in our yard. The daylight shot is off of Musket Rim. You have to look closely to see the fox in woods on the 2nd shot. He is in the center and out of focus."

I marked him for you - it's hard to pick out but surely THERE.

Sunday I met some neighbors who live in the small area which is inside our development though not a part of it... this would be at the bottom of lower Musket Rim. A few homes there were land-bound by Spanish Oaks - they aren't part of our HOA but are within the gate, and not behind the Preserve gate.

We discussed wildlife. They said they had seen several foxes, one pretty large, on their property, one via game-cam.

Wouldn't it be interesting to put game-cams up for the same span and then see what we see? (If you do this, would love to see your Spanish Oaks' critter collection.)

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