Saturday, February 09, 2008


According to TxDOT's Exec Director, TxDOT's ability to come anywhere close to meeting those needs (for the next 25 years) looks doubtful, due to problems caused by stagnating revenue sources, escalating costs, and cuts in expected federal aid as resources are devoted to other programs, including military spending.

In the biennial appropriations bill passed by the Texas Legislature in 2007, TxDOT was allocated more than $8.721 billion for fiscal 2008, but the funding has not developed as anticipated, and the agency is having to cut back on what it intended to spend for maintenance and new construction projects.

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Where does that leave what will be discussed below? Somebody be sure to ask. Also get timetable projections. Then please pass along info to this blog. My guess is that if we see 71 widened at the bridge over B Creek within 5 years, the roadway will contain a chapel where pilgrims can visit the site of the miracle!

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Sal Costello said...

BREAKING NEWS: TxDOTs hot seat gets even hotter this week, as key players are being be forced to give testimony.

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