Saturday, February 09, 2008


If you are a regular reader you know (about three or four posts below) that upon request, I had submitted questions to be answered at the annual meeting. They were not addressed.

I've been told they are in process.

So - what is the proper forum for getting answers which relate to our HOA if not through the one suggested? I completely understand the (assumed) desire of the board to not turn the annual meeting into a bitch session; still, it seems there's been a disconnect. Questions were solicited. Wouldn't it have made sense to say something at the meeting like "some of you have questions which we'll be addressing in the near future." I'd ask why the delay? Why were no specifics given to the one question about the apparent HOA payment for trail maintenance ("I'll get back to you" was Steve's answer.) Well, what's the answer to that one?

Supposedly some of the questions were unanswerable due to Pam's absence due to family matters. That's understandable and unfortunate.

Despite an effort at better communication it seems to me we are back in a lull which needs attention. Again I insist that the best salespeople for this development are the people who live here. They deserve better service from management.

In my business experience (radio) there's the rule of quintiles: basically about 80% of your business comes from 20% of heavy users. I'm sure if you sat down all the owners only 20% would have issues or would wish to participate. (Many people are non-confrontational or apathetic.) A free flow of information which affects us all would serve the 20% and maybe bring the others into a greater sense of inclusion.


That said, an update - as of yesterday it looked like the curbing has been installed on one of the roads to the fish camp. You'd have to assume paving would be soon. This is exactly the kind of basic information which if communicated would give the owners a better sense of ownership and progress.

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