Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Why do we have annual meetings? Other than a nice chance to socialize, the point may be that it's required in bylaws. Last night's annual meeting at Rosie's was pretty empty of content while it was fairly full of people. Still, many were absent. You know who you are.

Several pols were invited to glad hand and give the message that 71 SAFETY is of PRIME CONCERN and that funding is hard if not impossible to come by. Especially in this era of politicing, there was a certain hollowness in my head as I heard the words. Maybe it's me.


No funding. Money not there.
Make noise with legislature. Squeaky wheel syndrome.
Our board is making its feelings known. Back pats all around.
Only hope is as safety issue... might be money there somehow.
It's going to get worse.
SOS will sue over bridge widening.

That's that.

Why residents don't come equipped with questions is beyond me - there were very few (and the ones I sent in were left unanswered.)

I asked when Discovery projected that they would turn over control of the HOA to the home owners and got a somewhat vague 'market forces' driven answer which I think meant in a couple years.

The budget appears to have been underfunded last year. Wonder why?

Maybe no one wishes to ask 'embarrassing' questions at these things, but there are issues which will come to haunt us, namely, the cracking and deterioration of the early-in roads.

The lodge is projected to open with a gala of 4 July.

This blog is my creation and serves my opinion, naturally. I think there are many issues which need to be addressed but which are kept as unknowns until perhaps we get the whole Pandora's box when the transfer occurs.

"I'll get together with you later with specifics" is an answer that doesn't do the rest of us much good when you add that there isn't much communication from Discovery. (The name is irony itself, get it?)

No doubt this is a big project - I've seen the timeline in the office and it's long, detailed and complicated. Yet the interest certainly is felt by those who ask me (as if I knew!) questions about this or that.

Here's the list I sent in pre-meeting:

What is the timetable for road repairs?

cracks in road
cracks around manhole areas
dips approaching and exiting east entrance
bump at bridge east entrance, either side

Will they include the concrete sides which are broken in some places?

Will the Lodge be expected to turn a profit on food sales? What will the pricing plan be? Will food be sold at cost?

What employees will run Lodge?

Will there be a lifeguard on duty?

When will the road to the lodge and fishcamp be paved?

Why only decorations on west side for Christmas? (See budget - number for decorations seems high!)

Why has east gate stopped welcoming fire?

Why no fence around construction site next door to us (11528 Overlook Pass)? Why no oversight of same?

Why does the gate call when Police make delivery to our home (planning and zoning materials for Terri Wood) but NOT when workers arrive for painting? Are the police not allowed in without notice?

and I might add...

Why are certain guards not welcoming owners any longer?

For that matter, why have guards after midnight (as largest budget item and with security gates) why have them at all?

Maybe Discovery feels no need to disseminate such info. I feel that's a mistake, as we are the best salespeople for this development and to keep us unknowing suggests a lack of planning (which I don't believe is true, but it is suggested), an arrogance (what would be the point of that?), a lack of customer focus (!), or the need for someone to be given the responsibility to get the word out... or the failure to clearly delineate who communicates and when.

Unless they have done that, and the answer is - stonewall.

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