Thursday, January 31, 2008


Questions I submitted for the annual meeting 10 days ago remain unanswered.

Wouldn't you think that with the trouble we've had with trucks overrunning the circle on Spanish Oaks Boulevard, that there'd be a hurry-up to redesign or alter course rather than throw down a pair of white rocks?

It just doesn't seem very upscale, or in keeping with the brochured grandeur of the place.

Someone asked why the gates are sometimes left open - this I do know - it's because the heavy winds tend to break them.

A recent issue was that of a work crew with an open fire on a burn ban day, just maybe 10 feet from dry grass and cedar. I reported it. 'Security' wasn't able to find it, declared it out, while it continued to burn. That builder has had his construction underway for weeks, maybe months? with no chain link fence which just went up this week. Where's the oversight? What does the roving security guard note? Isn't that rather obvious? Even after having been "shut down" by SO, work crews somehow continued to gain access to the site.

There remain many questions unanswered and I've been promised answers which will be emailed to those opted in. Where possible and if appropriate I will also blog them.

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