Saturday, December 22, 2007


As I trotted Miss Jessie around the
this AM, as Donald Abrams puts it, I got to thinking fondly of those who have left us for greener pastures or work demands.

As we circled lower Musket Rim, I felt genuine nostalgia. (Not bad, in a new development.) Terri and I can't decide if we were the 11th or 14th owner in place, but that's early, either way. January three years ago (almost) we drove 1500 miles south on 35 from -14 to 52 degrees.

We miss the Duncans, Dick and Teresa, aka Duncan2s, since Art and Laura Duncan live right across the street. I miss Reilly, the sweet leaning dog; the kids; Dick, so cool and freindly in his Porsche, with just a hint of conspiratorial hijinx about him.

We miss the LAYS, Jim and Heather and precocious Madison, and coco, the SUV death-defying wiener who owned the street.

We miss the Calloways - The Undertaker - and his beautiful black Bentley. I was going to do what it took to mooch a ride. Arm wrestle - whatever. (Ouch!) But he and his semi-shy real life way were a neat contrast to his professional career. And of course his Great Dane...

We miss the horses on the property not technically S.O. but across from the Adams-Werners, where the little tiny horse and bigger companion could be coaxed to come sniff Jessie, causing serious wig-wag.

We've filled some of the homes with new faces and haven't yet bonded with them out of sheer numbers and fewer organized meet 'n' greets, but notice that EVERYONE waves - it's a real friendly place and we are happy to have found this special slice of Texas Heaven.

Closer to home, the two lots to our right are being developed - one at 8500 Square feet, is quite the deal; the closer one is awaiting concrete foundation. And the lot immediately above us is scheduled to start any day.

So far I've been remarkably able to dodge loud noise while recording commercial demos in my studio... very fortunate in that regards.

They say change is constant - the state of entropy in the universe is a constant and it's easy to see even in this macro example.

To the new, welcome! Let's hear more about you and your interests... to the old who might see this, we miss ya! And to those I left out, it isn't for any reason than we didn't get to know you as well as we would have liked.

Best wishes to all.

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