Sunday, November 04, 2007


I wonder how the open houses went? I do know certain large/high-end agents in the vicinity didn't even know about it!

If, as I don't, you also don't take the back road often, you might be amazed at the progress back there! One question is what that pad is - for want of a better description - on the west side? It looks industrial, like a refueling station. Appears permanent too.

There are a lot of visible deer back there at night. Invisible deer are there full time.

It's also good to know there apparently haven't been any new accidents at east entrance/exit and 71 in quite a while!

If you haven't discovered the shop that sells gourmet meals - I think it's called Anja's... in the lower shopping center (the one with Lowes) be sure to check it out -it's almost at the end of the road as you drive west inside the development... the food is very good! We also look forward to new quick restaurants in the HC Galleria!

Interesting to note The Smashing Pumpkins playing at The Backyard - back in, I think it was 1998, they played downtown for free in Minneapolis, and must have drawn 60,000 or more.

If anyone is into what is called high-end audiophile gear, I am too, and would love to form a group of Oakians to visit each other's rigs to enjoy some music... from time to time. Please allow me to pimp myself - I now write reviews for an online mag called UltraAudio:

Contact me at if your midlife crisis took you to music instead of the dark side.

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