Tuesday, July 24, 2007


This is currently posted on the News 8 website: (Lori Bales checks in)

Wettest Start to Any Year

The year 2007 tops Austin rain charts as the wettest January to July period according to weather records dating back to World War II. Wow! In a similar replay to what unfolded last month, a slow moving (if not stalling) disturbance will hover over Texas, generating greater uplift in the atmosphere and a continued threat for flooding rains. Lawns won't need watering anytime soon...

Don't know about you - what I'm saving in water I am spending on salt for the pool. Rain keeps washing the salt out. I also discovered that if your chlorine cell is clogged or crusted, your salt reading will go down and down. You keep adding salt. Then you finally clean the thing and discover how high your salt really IS. Not that it happened to me.... cough.

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