Saturday, July 07, 2007


Not very long after I wrote the weekly HOA Email in which I noted the storms appear to be over, we got hit by a rain bomb. Radar showed a growing cell positioned almost directly overhead and not moving. By my crude measurement (pool water height) we had in the near neighborhood of 4 inches.

And the power went out. Were you home? Then you know it went out, came back twice, and stayed off. They did get it fixed in relatively short order. So you know, my understanding is that when it's coming back ON is when your equipment is at risk.
Imagine the effect of all those air conditioners coming back on simultaneously!
I powered down, unplugged, etc., and all is good and working. Here's a good question: Is there a manual way to open the gates for the fire trucks in the event of a power outage and lightning strike fire?

Judging from the dog walk this morning, Spanish Oaks must be awash in frogs at night - there are many squished ones... figure the low traffic we have, that must mean there are one heck of a lot of frogs.

Is this an exercise in futility? You decide. Just know if something isn't done, it won't be the last time.

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Pam Chandler said...

All -

In answer to Bob's question about the gates: yes, the gates can be opened/closed manually in the event of power failure.

Pam C.