Friday, June 08, 2007


Yesterday our little innocent dog, Jessie, was sitting on her chair while I did office work. Suddenly she launched herself halfway across the room - very unusual behavior - and we thought she was having a seizure - something was clearly wrong.

We tried to calm her and it seemed to work, but it took a while.

Later I found a mini-lobster on that chair (and brushed it to the floor after putting on my lead-lined gloves.) Yes, I do believe Jessie was stung by a scorpion. This particular scorpion was a larger model, with good Popeye arms/legs/mandibles/pincers/whatevers. It was an SUV of scorpions. After 190 pounds of shoe, it appeared stunned, so I gave it a free pass to Schlitterbahn aka The Toilet. I wonder if bugs have thoughts. What would it make of the grinder pump?

The moral of the story (and see below too) is that it's that time of the year. And coming in the very near future... recent snake sightings. Tell your kids - watch your dogs.

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