Wednesday, June 06, 2007


We are writing to you about a foreign exchange student coming to the Austin area in August 2007. We work for an exchange student agency called the Center for Cultural Exchange and our job is to locate potential host family homes. We are asking for you help!

Sophie, age 16, until today had a host home in Round Rock. She is from Germany and has studied acting at an actor's school in Berlin for two years. Sophie has had parts in two TV series and played the main character in "The silence of Hanna." Unfortuantely, the host home she was supposed to go to encountered a family emergency and canceled the placement today. Now we are in need of another host home for Sophie and am hoping to be able to tell her in the next few days that she
lost her first host home but another one has been located. Sophie is scheduled to come to Texas in August for a school semester. Here is the link to her short bio:

We are asking if you could either host Sophie or are willing to send this email to others you know who might be interested. Hosting an international student is like taking an extended vacation to their country as you learn from then on a daily basis. All of the exchange students are "high functioning" teenagers and come with a very no nonsense J-1 visa.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this email and any help you can offer. We look forward to hearing from you soon. We can be reached at the phone numbers below any time.


John and Charlotte Gemar

Charlotte Gemar
Center for Cultural Interchange
Area Representative
(512) 291-8638
Cell (512) 965-2554

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