Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Wow - it all greened up almost overnight! The spring beauty is a-happening! We've got Bluebonnets where we never even planted them.

I guess now you know if you have an erosion problem!


From last night's Bee Cave Council meeting, it seems that Bee Cave Parkway will be completed mid June and 71 by the new mall by mid September.


From Pam Chandler in response to an owner about the possibility of drilling our own water well:

I have done lots of research on the feasibility of drilling a water well for either irrigation or potable water. Apparently, in this area, they are firstly not reliable enough to serve our needs on a long-term and steady basis. In addition, when you consider the costs of drilling a well and the long-term maintenance costs, it isn't feasible from a cost standpoint. Our water budget is based on last year's expenditures with some adjustment. We anticipate that we will spend less on water than budgeted due to the landscape improvements already made, and those to be completed later in the year. The developer has installed alot of drought tolerant plants, and the buffalo grass is vastly improved with the care that it has received over the last year and a half. We did expend more water than normal last year, as we established the new plantings. The developer is continuing on a path to water conservation, so we should be able to realize some savings on a continuing basis.

Thanks for the article on solar - I've passed on to the "powers that be". Mr. Shrewsbury is a pretty savvy guy and I welcome his input!

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