Thursday, March 08, 2007


No details yet... except cryptic text message this morning. Sirens were heard.

One thing I've noticed: you plan to turn left uphill( west) at the east exit of S.O. Traffic to your right is clear. There's a truck in the turn-in lane to Spanish Oaks, coming down the hill. It appears traffic is clear behind it.

But wait! There's a temporary blind spot, obscured by the truck. There's a car not far from the exit, hidden from view behind the truck, coming downhill at 65MPH and you are about to pull right in front of it.

The "blindness" lasts for a few seconds, depending on how large and slow the vehicle turning into S.O. is... I almost went for it. Be sure to point it out to your impatient teenager! You'd be hit almost immediately.

The lower you sit in your car or truck, the longer the blind spot in these circumstances.

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