Saturday, August 25, 2012


The east entrance traffic light is now operational.  Warning: we watched a car zoom down the hill and go right through a red at what seemed like 60 mph.  Until all get used to it, be careful!

According to Pam Chandler, solar cells are now allowed in S.O. DRC to approve whatever.

Does it seem like several builds have stalled?  Sub issues?  Timing?

A family in the community watched the other day as a large (estimated) 50-60 pound cat walked through their backyard and stopped to look in the window at THEIR cat.  Said to be red on top with spots all over, black feet, round face, they didn't get a picture but will try if seen again.  Calls to the zoo, etc., turned up no info.  It was suggested perhaps a hybrid 'pet' had escaped.  Not a cougar, not a wildcat, but BIG.

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Anonymous said...

We are very concerned about property values in SO due to the lack of adherence to guidelines. Anything goes, as seen in the stark white houses with all natural vegetation stripped away. Driveways are just poured cement, and trash cans can be left outside in full sight all year round. If something isn't done, our neighborhood will continue to be destroyed.