Saturday, March 24, 2012


A social committee has been formed and events are planned - the meet 'n' greet for new neighbors at the Lodge this past week was well attended.

Next up is an Easter egg hunt for the kids. With all the jack rabbits and cotton tails it'd be easy to claim one is The Peter Cottontail.


Jennifer Richter said...

Hi Bob,
We are building now with completion set for mid-June and would've loved to have known about these two events. I had left Pam a message but never heard back...? Is there a contact for the social committee or any other communications so we can be sure we're added to the list, can help out where needed going forward? Thanks! Jennifer

Bob Wood said...

Pam Chandler ( is your best bet. I met the 'chairperson' but have no contact info, sorry!

Pam is sometimes slow to respond, so try her again.

I bet you are really excited about your new home, Jennifer - welcome to a great development!