Friday, April 08, 2011


Underground community propane systems are made of several homes in a neighborhood connected to the same propane tank. There are 73 in the state, with 48 in Travis County and about 40 of those in western Travis County.

As you know, we have no choice. However, there's a pretty comprehensive story which you may have missed: Here it is. Click here.


Anonymous said...

Good article-

Who exactly owns the propane service and the lines in Spanish Oaks? Is it an individual or a company?

Does anyone know where the storage tanks are?

There are large storage tanks on 71 directly across from the entrance down the road from the HEB. They are very near the roadway. I wonder if these are the tanks that supply the community. Does Spanish Oaks own that property?

This article is revealing. The gas prices have always been ridiculous.

Bob Wood said...

This from Pam Chandler: The tanks across the road on 71 are the ones that currently serve Spanish Oaks, and as far as I know are owned by Hill Country Gas, LP. I believe that CCNG owns the land that they sit on, and that there's a land lease with Hill Country Gas. This is also the company that owns the propane lines in the community.