Saturday, March 19, 2011


I bet few will notice, so spread the word if you think someone might care. After a long period of dormancy, this blog will resume. What with spring, the return of Daniel Porter as controller of Spanish Oaks' fate, we see progress and obvious efforts to clean the development up and attend to the things which were neglected by Discovery, then the bank.

I invite you to send pictures, news, etc.

The header says what the purpose of the blog is - a very small community voice, to help us all know what's going on and share with each other.

So let me share a positive discovery: we hired a company to come refresh our teak outside furniture. The process involves powerwashing, several applications of cleaner and after sanding, oil. Two days of hard labor. The results look as new:

I can attest that the before and after pictures on their site are for real!


Anonymous said...

Glad your back, own a lot and don't live in the area. This blog helps me keep up with whats going on in Spanish Oaks.

Anonymous said...

Bob's Blog is Back. Hallelujah!

Will Sarcasm Oaks be Reborn too?


Anonymous said...

Also glad to see you back online