Sunday, May 16, 2010


After 557 posts - scroll through and believe it or not, you'll find some positivity within the opinion pieces and clear disappointments - I have decided to stop posting.

This should bring great joy to those who feel that one man can somehow damage a multi-multi million dollar land developer, albeit one with extremely poor communication skills.

Why stop? I just don't have the energy to absorb the slings and arrows of the anonymous posters who attack my motives, blame me for the bad economy, can't sell their properties because allegedly someone read something I posted. Say what you will, at least I haven't hidden away like those behind cowardly anonymous responses.

But I won't take the blog down.

I invite YOU to post what you feel are the pluses or minuses - make it YOUR community organ. You can e mail your comments for posting, or respond to posts - which are less visible. All input is welcome, will be moderated, but not edited unless something is way out of line. I will no longer post anonymous input.

I couldn't make it to the annual meeting. That's why I haven't reported on it.

From what I heard, it wouldn't surprise me if Discovery walks away or sells, and I think that might be a good thing as their investment in the future appears to challenge them. Or maybe the whole refinance is a dance between the partners, each looking for a better lever on the others.

So, seriously, contribute stories, pictures, and your vision. As it seems the golf side will separate from the rest of the development, this isn't for that side of things.

Thanks to those who have encouraged this communication.

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Anonymous said...

obi one kenobe - your our only hope. we need you back posting, obi one.