Saturday, July 18, 2009


I can't find anything by doing a quick search on Google, but a good source informs me that the Highway 71 plans for a center turn lane, etc., have been put on hold. Work was to have begun this summer. Since this has been such a big issue, I will continue to investigate.

Click here to see the latest info I could find. This doesn't seem to gibe with 'on hold.' Will find out more.

Meanwhile, other questions INSIDE the gates:

1- Why hasn't the east entrance center striping happened yet? Wasn't it promised asap at the 'annual' meeting?

2- When will the broken curb on SO Blvd be repaired?

3- Why are there so many weeds all over the grassed areas along SO Blvd?

4- A seemingly long time ago, a truck dragged one of the three large rocks away from the roundabout on SO Blvd (east side) - it was never replaced and there's been a gouge there - where it used to be - ever since. Ironically the rocks were placed there to prevent large trucks from running over that very area.

We were also told (again, seemingly long ago) that the roundabout would be rebuilt with a more effective radius. If so, when? If not, why not?

5- Why no regular ongoing communication from our HOA rep?

By the way, I've been told and have seen that crushed granite driveways can be approved here.

Friday, July 17, 2009


The other night while taking the dog out for her before-bedtime necessaries, I spotted another armadillo browsing our shrubbery beds. I noted another large hole dug around our gas pipe feed, just like there was when the LAST armadillo was trapped. Though we had filled it in, these guys are super diggers, and the hole had reappeared.

I take Jessie out with a flashlight, always on the lookout for snakes, said to be especially restless during this heat. So I shine it around and that's when I saw the beast.

I set the trap and today Terri greeted me (she walks Jessie in the early morning) with a "You're going for a ride today!" We caught the bugger and I am charged with driving it away, hopefully far enough that it would not come back. (My limit is 10 miles.)

After the photo shoot, we headed to a side road off Rt 71 (busy highway) to just outside a new development deeper into the Hill Country called Bee Creek. I released on the rocky, undeveloped side of the road but the 'Dillo took off at a run across the road and into the lush greenery of the new tract. I thought I could see a smile.




Sunday, July 05, 2009


There should have been a loop of the song HOT HOT HOT playing as the festivities commenced under a hot July sun.

Perhaps due to the $19.95-a-head pricing, numbers were noticeably down from last year, or from Memorial day - perhaps only a third as many people showed in the hours we attended.

There weren't the gaggles of people - most were in the pool and the lower numbers scattered them about. Some 'activities' or games for the kids had some attendance - a nice try, but the cooler action was in or under the water (89 degrees, cooler than the official record-setting 101).

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


The other night Time-Warner lost service to this area. I don't know how widespread, but suspect all of Spanish Oaks, or at least the east side. You call and you get the voice mail computer...

Anyway, service is restored, but you might have the same issue we did/do, and that's there are no channels on our TiVo. In other words, the numbers are there, but you go to them and receive nothing.

I THINK it requires a reboot. This means you unplug TiVo power for about 15 seconds, replug, and all should be fine. If I am wrong, or discover more, I'll post it. Try this before you call for an expensive or incovenient service visit!