Tuesday, November 24, 2009


We arrived by buckboard wagon all those years ago (January, 2005.) We were among the earliest settlers here in Spanish Oaks. I thought it might be interesting to list some of the early day memories for those who look back. While at it, let's give Daniel Porter thanks as we sit down to TurDuckEn, for his initial vision of what this special place could be.

You might remember:

Ray Ware - the salesman who enthused so believably (and who semi-promised a traffic light in a year.)

The East Entrance Sales Trailer - work-home of Ray; and his touted Tanya Streeter Autographed poster.

The Bohls cabins history outing. Back in the day there was no split between 'club' activities and Spanish Oaks activities.

The festivus/Christmas pole/tree on top of Musket Rim. (Until Valentine's Day?)

Naturalist tours.

The 'legend' of the loose monkey.

SO Blvd ending at the top of Musket Rim.

The sunken boat in the dry fishing camp lake.

Earth tones, discouragement of turf.

The Discovery Land Co. blowout party to announce their participation. (With Lance Armstrong, Darrell K. Royal, others... was that Sheryl Crow? Don't think so. UT cheerleaders greeted all at the valet parking dropoff.)

Maybe you have some you'd like to add? Email me and I will include.

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