Thursday, June 11, 2009


No doubt you've all seen the marked areas of pavement throughout the property over the past few weeks. We have awarded the contract for these repairs to Ballard's Asphalt & Concrete, and they are scheduled to be on-site this coming Tuesday, June 16th, to complete the work. It is anticipated that everything can be accomplished in one to two days, and the contractors will be re-routing traffic as they work. They will try to minimize any inconvenience, but will appreciate your patience while we complete this long-awaited project. I have attached a map to this e-mail locating the areas to be repaired. They include:

1) The approach to the East Gate, including dips and alligatoring pavement at both entrance and exit lanes
2) The significant dip in Club Blvd. on the westbound side near Malaquita
3) The pavement failures at the East Roundabout (Club Blvd. & Paraiso Parkway)
4) Corner of Musket Rim & Paraiso (both ends of Musket Rim)
5) Intersection of Overlook Pass & Calabria Court

On a second visit, not yet scheduled, curbs will be repaired and a pavement dip as you enter Malaquita Branch will be repaired, along with some other paving work for the Developer. Please don't hesitate to give me a call or an e-mail with any questions. Pam Chandler.

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