Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Having been to several annuals, as 'older' residents, we've been disappointed by the quick, off-hand or casual response to questions. This prompts some suggestions:

Make a list now. Bring it with you. Go through it on site, when given the floor, while you have access to the board. In the past, some answers were 'promised' with "let us get back to you on that" - and the answer died in privacy, assuming it was ever delivered. I ask you to share with this blog - in effect our only organ of wide communication - any of those answers you are promised, when they are received. Also please share if you don't receive answers.

Recently I met some neighbors who have been somewhat vocal in their detailed and thought-out concerns and suggestions yet haven't received answers. I have found such info spotty myself, and in fact, not forthcoming at all from our HOA rep, which is why I quit the more formal 'communications' post.

I'd like to see this community become more united, with more sharing of information and concerns back and forth from and to the board. We have no real power - no votes - but we can be the best salespeople for our community when armed with regular progress reports and good, honest looks at issues and solutions, with firm timetables.

Frankly, the way the HOA board is structured is as a dictatorship. We are stuck with that structure for now. But surely we can come together with a goal of better communication in the interest of mutual benefit - we, as happy representatives of our growing community, and Discovery as more effective stewards of our future.

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