Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Last night, right before bed, it hit. I immediately sealed the windows. But the windows, doors, stone, Tyvek, insulation, wood and paint could not keep out the eau de skunk which was in the air and very close by.

We never did catch the armadillo that was and is still tearing up the good grass we sodded last spring. The trap caught flies. Or I should say the bait caught flies. Or I should say the trap attracted flies, it didn't trap anything.

Maybe the skunk sprayed the 'dillo? Else, why?

Bruce Hamilton, our hunter-expert-neighbor says the skunk in a trap is pretty docile and won't spray. I say, it's not going anywhere in my car! Not even with a written guarantee!

So if we try for 'dillo again and get stinky, well, I don't know what...

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