Thursday, September 25, 2008


There's an ongoing issue which hangs over us all like an umbrella. It's somewhat invisible - we only see the results but not usually the process. I am writing about the Design Guidelines and their application, or lack thereof:

S O Design Guidelines, Page 3, Preface

Each lot owner must demonstrate how development of their property respects the vistas and amenities of neighboring properties and of the project as a whole.

Page 4-4, 4.3 Building Height

To minimize the visual impact of all buildings and to ensure that they are subordinate to and blend with the surrounding Hill Country landscape.
To ensure that the view potential from each lot is preserved.

Page 4-6, 4.5 Building Massing

To ensure buildings whose overall scale, image and appearance are compatible with that of the natural landscape, and to protect the mutual and reciprocal privacy of neighboring residences.

Page 4- 10

4.7 Colors

The color of external materials must be subdued to compliment the colors of and blend with the natural landscape. Locally found, muted Hill Country tones are recommended, although occasional accent colors, used judiciously and with restraint, may be permitted.

Walls - Natural and earth tones. Large areas of monochromatic surfaces shall be minimized. Wall surfaces shall utilize texture and / or multi layered applications

The was a reflectivity value limit which we learned has been dropped.

The home under construction shown was approved, though to my reading of the guidelines, it misses in scale, color, blending, and monochromatic issues. What do YOU think? I suggest you make your feelings known - or your piece of Spanish Oaks could have the same issues as they become more lax.

Pam Chandler DID respond about the color issue and said they are working with the builder to tone it down. Her answer ignored the other issues.


Ray Bearden said...


Some folks might want to get a closer look as your phote is taken from at least a quarter mile away. It looks worse the closer you get. Regarding the paint -the painters are there every day using the same stark white paint - there has not been any color change! None that I can tell. What happened to the fact that your house has to have a certain percentage of stone on it?

You are right on the money when you outline how this home does not conform to many of the SO rules. There are, however, other homes just like this one in SO and additional rules not followed or enforced.

One rule, you must have a story board in front of the property before you begin framing, is not enforced well at all. Some are up, some are not complete, some don't exist.

I, for one, don't care what the rules are as long as they are the same for all. Everyone should play by the same rules and the rules should be enforced equally on all residents.

Ray Bearden

Lynn Bickley said...


This house seems to break so many rules that it's unnecessary to list them all. Basically, it is not in keeping with the theme and overall feel of the neighborhood. Unfortunately, it is in our back yard and we are reminded of the disregard for rules on a daily basis. I, too, have spoken with Pam Chandler regarding the color and massive amounts of stucco walls. I'll keep my fingers crossed but as Ray has said...the painting continues.

Lynn Bickley