Saturday, July 19, 2008


Something has been visiting our landscaping and digging it up at night. Whatever it is, it doesn't follow the rules for when workers are to be on site.

It wouldn't matter so much but this being the year of the Green, we put a layer of newspaper under the mulch to prevent weeds. Now we have mulch'n'paper strips instead.

I spoke to a wise neighbor. He says if you get rid of them they'll just come back. What? For the comic section?

Seriously, maybe I should borrow his infrared camera to see just what it is out there? THEN what, I don't know. If they'll come back, what's the use?

On the garden GREEN front I bought a concentrate (expensive, actually) which is supposed to contain a bacterium which infests caterpillars and kills them from the inside. I've sprayed now FOUR times and they still lounge about on the leaves like divorced women poolside in South Beach. Green is a nice idea I subscribe to, but it has to work. Today I doubled down the dose. I expect the shrubs to be dead in the mulch'n'newspaper garden by morning.

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michael reilly said...

bob - we have the same problem with our mulch. A landscaper told us it was FROGS!